Accessibility Policy

The Spanish Institute of Mathematics of Galicia (IEMath Galicia) ensures that the presentation of all essential content and functionality of its website is independent of the physical devices and web browsers used for this purpose and it is accessible to the browsers adapted for people with disabilities or sensory, motor or cognitive limitations.

Accessibility policy applied by the IEMath Galicia is aligned with the requirements of Royal Decree 1494/2007 of 12th November, approving the Regulation on the basic conditions for disabled people to access technologies, products and related services to the information society and media.


The scope of this Conformance Statement is the accessibility to all pages of the IEMath Galicia website.

Compliance with standards

  • The pages of this website meet all the requirements of Priority 1 and Priority 2 under the UNE 139803:2004
  • Meeting standards WCAG 1.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), as intermediate level (AA).
  • The presentation is based on the W3C recommendation on Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1 (CSS 2.1).
  • XHTML markup language was used in specification 1.0 Strict.

We recommend using the latest versions of the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Konqueror, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Using accessibility features

Access to the accessibility features varies among most used browsers. In this section specific methods are described to make the most out of the facilities provided by each of them.

Text size

The pages specify the text size relatively, ie browsers allow increase or decrease the text size according to user preferences and display without creating problems.

You can control the text size in your browser as follows:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Through the menu "View"> "Text Size".
  • Netscape y Firefox: Through the menu "View"> "Text Size" or using the key combination Ctrl "+" or Ctrl "-", whether you want to increase or decrease the text size, respectively. Pressing Ctrl= restores the text to normal size.
  • Opera 7 and above: Through the menu "View">"Scale" or using the key combination, - and * as you want to increase or decrease the text size.

Web browsing

To facilitate web browsing and identification of the site, all pages maintain common components such as the header and footer.

The header contains a space for utilities:

  • Home page
  • Contact
  • Website accesibility
  • Sitemap
  • Language site versions (English y Spanish)


The Spanish Institute of Mathematics of Galicia (IEMATH Galicia), in their quest to continually improve the accessibility of its website, invites the public to notify any difficulty they might encounter as well as make any suggestion on accessibility through the contact us form.