IEMath Presentation Meeting

Thursday, 26 February, 2015 -
10:30 to 13:45

The “IEMath Presentation Meeting” aims to show to the whole Spanish mathematical community the current state of the Spanish Institute of Mathematics (IEMath) project as well as the usefulness of the videoconference equipments purchased. The conference can be followed by connection to the IEMath Videocenter and three conferences from centers located in different places are planned. The General Director of Research at MINECO, Marina Villegas, will open the meeting. The Kick-off Committee (CPM) of IEMath highly encourages everyone to follow the event.


Meeting Program:


10:30: Opening: Marina Villegas, General Director of Scientific and Technical Research at MINECO


10:45-11:30: Juan Manuel Viaño, President of the Kick-off Committee of  IEMath, 

“Infraestructures and current state of the  IEMath project”

11:30-11:45: Open session of questions and remarks


11:45-12:30: Susana Matas, European Manager at ICMAT

“Opportunities for mathematicians in the frame of H2020 European calls”

12:30-12:45: Open session of questions and remarks


12:45-13:30: Tomás Alarcón, Group Leader at CRM, 

“Current challenges in mathematical biology”

13:30-13-45: Open session of questions and remarks


13:45 Closing of the meeting


The meeting will be available in IEMath Video-centre.


Organizing Committee: The Committee in Charge of Launching IEMath

Juan Manuel Viaño, Presidente de la CPM

Carlos Andradas, IEMath-Madrid

Joaquim Bruna, IEMath-CRM

Manuel de León, CSIC

Alfonso Gordaliza, Gestor Plan Nacional

Juan José Nieto, IEMath-Galicia

Carlos Parés, excoordinador de la ANEP

Antonio Ros, IEMath-Granada

Carlos Vázquez, secretario de la CPM, Coordinador de la Jornada

Classroom / Online: